Modern sports facilities are multifunctional. Different sporting and entertainment events can be held in a single arena. Each type of event places certain requirements on the technical equipment. When designing the electrical part of modern sports facilities it is important to take into account the working and interactions of all internal and external technological systems.


It is extremely important to foresee and correctly calculate the capacities, to determine the possible failure points and provide for their backup, to correctly commutate different kinds of systems of uninterruptible and guaranteed electrical power supply among each other, since not only the question of conducting the event itself depends on the correctness of choice, reliability, and effectiveness of such systems, but often safety and lives of spectators, because sports facilities are places where large numbers of people gather.


Another critical element is rational energy conservation at a sports facility. Its correct arrangement will not only allow the comfort and safety of athletes and spectators to be provided for, but will also significantly lessen the cost of using the facility.


DELTER GROUP Company has a great amount of experience at designing guaranteed electrical power supply systems for sports facilities – stadiums, sports palaces, and fitness centers.


At present the company's engineers are participating in designing systems of guaranteed electrical power supply for sporting facilities for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi and also for stadiums at which 2018 FIFA World Cup will be held

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