Maintenance Services

The purpose of maintenance is to keep equipment operational and in good working conditions and to increase its useful life. Identifying and fixing malfunctions in a timely fashion makes it possible to avoid more serious failures and, subsequently, costly repair.
DELTER maintenance and service department performs maintenance jobs on the following electrical equipment:

  • JOVYATLAS, General Electric, AEG, Chloride, Riello, AROS, and Liebert uninterruptible power supply units;
  • JOVYATLAS inverters;
  • JOVYATLAS rectifiers;
  • GESAN, FERBO, FG Wilson, Cummins, NeuHaus, SAKR, Green Power, and MBH diesel electrical power plants (diesel driven generators).

Job list attendant to maintenance servicing of UPS:

  • UPS display check;
  • analysis of the “queue” of events and alarms kept in the UPS memory;
  • switching the UPS to the “bypass” mode of operation;
  • visual inspection of the UPS units, cleaning dirt from the UPS units;
  • checking the condition of electrical conductors and connections;
  • checking the condition and operating capability of UPS power elements;
  • checking the condition and operating capability of cooling fans;
  • check and adjustment of UPS internal assemblies and all operation parameters;
  • check of operating capability of UPS internal diagnostics system;
  • check of UPS electrical parameters test values;
  • visual inspection of storage batteries for absence of electrolyte leaks, expansions, and oxidized contacts;
  • test of voltage values of each battery or group of batteries;
  • check of UPS functioning in various operational modes;
  • drawing up reports as to UPS operation condition and recommendations for further operation

Job list attendant to maintenance servicing of DDGs:
Alternating current generator:

  • reliability check of the power cord hookup to the generator and the automatic throw-over circuit breaker panel;
  • generator windings insulation resistance check;
  • DDG grounding check;
  • alternating current generator automatic circuit breaker check.

Control system:

  • reliability check of the control cable hookup to the control panel and panel board;
  • check of the electrical components and connections of the engine control system;
  • check of DDG operation in idle mode and under load;
  • check of alternating current generator output voltage;
  • engine crankshaft RPM check;
  • cooling fluid heating unit check;
  • DDG automatic devices check in manual and automatic operation modes.

Lubrication system:

  • oil change;
  • oil filter (filters) change;
  • fan housing check;
  • oil lubrication system leak check.

Cooling system:

  • antifreeze level and concentration check;
  • engine cooling system leak integrity check;
  • fan belt check.

Intake and exhaust system:

  • check of air filter for dirt and its replacement if necessary;
  • air induction system check.

Fuel system:

  • replacement of fuel filters;
  • fuel system leak integrity check.

Electrical power supply system:

  • battery electrolyte level and density check;
  • check of battery cable and contacts and of the starter;
  • battery static charger operation check;
  • generator drive belt tension check.
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