Electrical power supply for transportation infrastructure sites such as airports, railroad terminals and stations, subways, sea and river ports requires close attention and constant monitoring, because any problem related to the electrical power supply at a major transportation site can cause not only a serious accident, but also be a threat to the health and lives of passengers and operating personnel.


Uninterruptible and guaranteed electrical power supply is the foundation for the operation of all services at any transportation site, because even a brief shutdown of the power supply practically paralyzes operations at any transportation facility. A breakdown in the electrical power supply to support units can lead to improper preparation of gear for flights, delays, and disruptions of traffic schedules, and power failures at a traffic control station can be the cause of serious mishaps. Thus building a reliable and effective electrical power supply circuit, maintaining it in a good operating condition, and timely upgrading are critically important to the operation of any transportation infrastructure site.


In its solutions at transportation infrastructure sites, DELTER GROUP provides for usage of autonomous electrical power supply systems, which automatically actuate when there are interruptions in the power grid. High-powered diesel electric stations working in pairs with uninterruptible power supply sources (UPS) are employed in backup grids as a source of electrical power. When electrical power is lost in the main grid, power is fed from an UPS until the backup electrical power system (the diesel generator) automatically comes on line, which allows prevention of emergency situations and assurance of unimpaired operations at the site. When the load is large or there are abrupt voltage surges, we employ parallel operation of the autonomous electrical power supply system and the main grid.




Site: Domodedovo airport.
Location: Moscow Oblast.
Description: a backup electrical power system for the traffic control station based on a diesel electric power plant.
Rated capacity: 300 kVA.


Sites: regional Russian Railways railroads.
Description: mobile backup electrical power systems based on diesel electrical power plants.
Rated capacity: 400 kVA.

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